Ives did everything before anyone did anything

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Charles Ives did everything before anyone did anything:  quater-tones, multiple simultaneous melodies, tonality, tonal chromaticism, non-tonal chromaticism (Symphony 4!!!), poly-rhythms, simultaneous tempos, editing works throughout his whole-life.  Giving performer freedom of interpretation (improvisation) – Piano Sonata 2.  Deep existential spiritualism – “The Unanswered Question”.  Programmatic/multiple tonalities/ – “Central Park in the Dark”>  Irony – “end of “Concord Sonata,” use of flute in piano work (and viola earlier for like 2 seconds!!!).  Quoting – not due to lack of creativity but instead to embellish (read ‘improve’) familiar American diddies.  Humor – final chord of “Symphony 2”; all his patriotic usage patriotic capitalist by day, uncompromising composer by night.

The King of Kings.

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