About Charles Evans

Charles Evans is an American baritone saxophonist based in New York, who specializes in chromatic improvisation/composition and traditional jazz. Evans has been a member of the New York City creative music community since 2002, when he moved to the city after graduation from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He then went on to earn a Master’s in Jazz Performance from Queens College, as well as NYS teacher certification. He has studied with David Liebman, Julian Sparacino, Jim Buckley, the late Bill Zaccagni, Chris Farr, Ron Kerber, John Swana, and Antonio Hart.

Charles has received rave reviews with seven albums as a leader, including an all-baritone multi-layered record entitled, The King of All Instruments, which received a 5 star review in Downbeat Magazine. He has also been included in both the Critics’ and Readers’ polls in the aforementioned magazine, in both the Rising Star and Baritone Saxophone categories. Charles received “Best New Release 2010 – Honorable Mention,” in All About Jazz magazine. He has written three extended compositions entitled Subliminal Leaps, On Beauty, and Mortality and Sentiment, for collaboration with his mentor, David Liebman. Evans has been steadfast in his commitment to non-compromising music.

The baritonist has worked diligently to broaden the expressive range of his instrument, with specific care towards the difficult altissimo register as well as the application of chromatic improvisation/composition on the big horn. Musical projects include a chromatic/improvisational quartet with his mentor David Liebman, Ron Stabinsky, and Tony Marino; micro-tonal bebop in The Language Of with Peter Evans, Moppa Elliott, and Jan Roth, (It Needs It, No Relation) introspective duos with Neil Shah (Live at St. Stephens,) Erik Dutko (Ballads,) and Ron Stabinsky; and straight-ahead jazz with a former prized student, David Jimenez.

Evans has been steadfast in his commitment to non-compromising music. To solve the obvious financial burden, he started a highly successful high school band program in Queens, NY. He places his teaching on equal footing with his artistic pursuits, and has learned that sharing his passion is just as meaningful as expressing personal music.

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