Charles Evans Music on YouTube — Here you’ll find current live clips from my latest musical pursuits.

More Is More Records — This label is committed to uncompromising artistic music, and has released Subliminal Leaps.  Led by the true master of my generation, trumpet virtuoso Peter Evans.

David Liebman — Jazz's future is led by Master Lieb.  Check out the power of my mentor's extraordinary music here!

Moppa Elliott and Hotcup Records — Follow all of the great bassist and bandleader’s artistic pursuits here. Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Yulenog, and more. My “It Needs It” record with Peter Evans is also on this label!

Great Bend Records — You can find both my Ballads and No Relation CDs available for purchase here.

Neil Shah — Check out Neil’s great piano playing, as well as his band Wildlife Control.

Erik Dutko — You will never find a more expressive, unique, and sincere guitarist and improvisor.  Erik has an uncompromising artistic concept and is also a very eloquent writer.

Rich Frankel — Created the booklet design and mastering of my No Relation CD.  A multi-instrumentalist (trumpet/keyboard) who has a fantastic creative spirit and a remarkably quick wit.

Jazz Baritone Sax — A unique site dedicated to the most important historical figures, as well as the next generation of baritone saxophonists.

Bunny Bass, the owner of Butterfly Dezignz, designed, implemented and manages the Charles Evans Music site.

Alex Kaplan — Took most of the professional photographs for my first two CDs, which are used here with permission, and can be seen as banner images on the majority of this site's pages.

Heap Hunters — A chronicling of my bass fishing exploits, co-led by my bass partner for life, Chris “Daddy” Baker.  No one does the work we do.

Modern Poet Society — Learn more about the Language Of Charle at this soon-to-be updated, stagnant relic of cyborg genius.

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